Dama Dev

We believe that software development should not be limited to specific technologies. Therefore we work in Dama to develop & sharpen our skill set to meet customer’s expectations all the time.

Chief Executive Officer
Bekir Dağ

Bekir started his software development career in 2003 in a small agency in Istanbul while studying for his engineering degree at the Istanbul Technical University. He built his own CMS written in PERL as well as another CMS written in PHP.

In 2007, he began working for an Online Career Company based in Turkey, where he mastered his PHP and MySQL skills. Having the luxury to put his hands on relatively big data, he began experimenting to innovate its product and built tools that enhanced the sales team's ability to provide statistics. Later that year, he moved to another agency and led the development team on numerous clients' web projects.

He started his own web-shop in 2011 and worked with Turkey's biggest agencies contracting several build projects where he became an expert in product management. After a couple of years, he began working for a Canadian agency where he mastered his Drupal skills. He has been working for Dama Software Development as a Senior Drupal Developer for the last 3 years, giving support to clients and managing development teams for build projects.

Managing Partner
Jonas Flint

Jonas has been involved in user interface and web/mobile-related projects for close to 20 years. He is good at assessing a projects' needs and user base, coming up with creative solutions and having a deep understanding of user interaction. His ability to walk a project through, from start to finish, and keep complex things simple has been invaluable in countless projects' success.

His unique experience in the industry has also made him a well-rounded designer, developer, project manager and technical lead. He can comfortably and capably step into all of those roles as a project needs. If you have a project in mind, Jonas can extract the information he needs to determine the best fit for your project and move things forward to help it to reach your goals.

Managing Partner
Feras Allaou

The idea of creating something always triggered Feras, So after building some static websites at the age of 12, curiosity drove him towards Web development to understand how Servers work. He started his career as a volunteer in an Open Source Bulletin Board System (MySmartBB), a PHP, MYSQL system. Feras started writing plugins to WordPress and eventually started working on his own quests, such as or

As the demand in the market shifted, new skills were required, such as Micro-Services architecture using NodeJS, or Mobile Development using Swift for iOS & Java for Android, skills that he worked to obtain to build something Big in the future. Hence, his stack consists of PHP, MYSQL, NodeJS, NoSQL & Serverless, and Swift 4, Java for Android & CMS architecture including Drupal.

In 2018, Feras was lucky to have his Own Startup under the Internet of Things (IoT) Category supported by Istanbul Technical University and had the chance to experience the Entrepreneurship culture, which helps him now when building new Apps for clients.

Senior Backend Developer
Tarık Hafızoğlu

Tarık is a Full Stack Developer with 10 years of experience. He studied software engineering at Arab European University and graduated in 2011. He worked in multiple fields with various projects, worked as a Project Manager in many projects, developed projects with different technologies and frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, NodeJs, Drupal and PrestaShop. has good knowledge in DevOps.

Senior Frontend Developer
Fadi Saadeldin

Fadi started his software development career in 2014 in a company in Amman/Jordan. He started working as a Drupal developer in 2016, started learning and building mobile apps using React Native for mobile development.

In 2018 started working on React to build Single page applications.

He moved to Istanbul/Turkey in 2019 and started working remotely with Stock, a startup based in San Francisco, USA as a Full-Stack developer. In 2020 started working with Dama as a Full-Stack developer.

Senior Backend Developer
Danyel Alkaddeh

Danyel is a software engineer who graduated from Bahçeşehir university / Istanbul, worked on multiple projects for different companies related to Blockchain, Behavior Analytics Tools and Web applications. He is an IOS / Fullstack web developer who mainly focuses on Backend, DevOps and Solution architecture.

Senior Backend Developer
Ozan Şentürk

Designed cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, secure, robust applications, scalable, and distributed systems on AWS; demonstrated proficiency in writing applications with AWS service APIs, AWS CLI, SDKs, containers, and CI/CD pipelines by following AWS best practices.